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Why is watching the sunrise so good for our mental health and general well-being?

Here are 5 reasons why you should experience sunrise according to Richard Nicholls of

1) It benefits your mental and physical health. It forces you to go outside and studies show that there is a strong connection between time spent in nature and reduced stress, anxiety and depression. And once you’re outside, you can experience the sunrise or sunset by walking, running or cycling and any of those are good for your physical health.

2) Sunrise will inspire you. There is a reason why the sun coming up has been a constant source of inspiration for poets, writers and romantics.

3) it slows down time. It has the power to stop me in my tracks and I feel completely immersed and at peace in the experience. And given that the rest of my life feels quite hectic and busy, with lots going on these experiences allow me to totally clear my mind for a short period which is why I think I pursue this as often as I can.

4) It lifts your mood. This amazing event which happens twice a day has an amazing ability to transform my mood. For me there is no better stress reliever or way to end the day than to watch the sun going down.

5) it’s free! The sun rises and sets every single day and there’s nothing to stop you from going to experience this. Apart from bad weather or heavy clouds, when you might not be able to see it very clearly.

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